Friday, September 25, 2009


I got the book marked finished last night. Sadly i'm not overly happy with the yarn that I got to use on the sides. But it doesn't look too bad. Hopefully Emily will still love it.

Some progress

Well I've tried to do a little on each project I've got going. I need to finish a couple of these so I can start on one for my Dad for his birthday next month (a 59 corvette...he has one he restored). I am finding out with the Santa head that it gets harder to get the beads one line under. I keep wanting to go down one more line cuz the beads are lined with that. But so far it's looking pretty good. And Mokona is about filled in. Sadly I still haven't touched the Pooh Map.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So I got a little farther on the back of the Nemo bookmark. But..... I didn't like it. So I took it all out and started new. I should have the new back finished today!

Monday, September 21, 2009

And last but definitely not least is Emily's Nemo bookmark. I just have to do the back which i'm stitching half stitches randomly with three different blues. And then put the two together! Not much longer Em I promise! (I'll work on it some more today!)

Also I started a Christmas Pin of Santa's head. I haven't gotten too far on him but I find the beading style a good break from stitching.

One of the other projects i'm working on is Mokona from an anime called Tsubasa Chronicles (also there is a black version in XXX Holic). He's a cute little Mokona! I just need to finish filling him in with white (I stitched this on antique white) and then i'm going to do the background in the same dark red that's in his head.
For once i've been working on so many projects I don't know which to work on. I haven't touched my Pooh Map. I still have all the back stitching to get done. Think i'm just putting it off LOL. I also got a frame for the Greek Harbor. So all I have to do it iron it out again and then do the beading (berries in the bushes). Then I can finally mail them out!