Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still around somewhere

I have been a horrible blogging friend lately. I haven't even been reading blogs the past couple of weeks. But i'm going to try to get back into some rhythm here. Also a message to Denise and Teresa I have your packages. I feel so bad for not getting them out to you guys yet. But I promise it will be soon!!!! I'm taking a new friend with me Saturday to the stitchy store to stitch with the ladies. She only does a little bit of cross stitch and all she has ever bought has been kits from Michaels and JoAnn's so Saturday should be fun for her! On a stitchy note I didn't get 'Autumn in NY' done but I did get a little chunk of it done. I don't know if i'll take that with me Saturday or maybe 'Daisy Girl' she seems to be calling my name. Well i'm off to do some errands today and hopefully try to catch up on some blogs!