Monday, December 7, 2009


Well I haven't really been able to stitch too much really. Right before Thanksgiving we found out my dad needs to have bypass surgery. They all kept saying they were so surprised at how well my dad is considering how bad it is (we found out he has to have five bypasses). But yet they didn't schedule the surgery til tomorrow (Dec. 8th). So I have been trying to just do what I can to help dad. I have managed to get a few more Christmas cards done. Which I will scan and post them all cuz most of them turned out lovely! And I did manage to do this Kyo pattern that Dawn gave to me. (I guess mojo designed it). I tried to see if I could fit Yuki next to him but hes too big. I wonder if I can shrink him down? Well i'm packed with stitching stuff to sit and try to do tomorrow in the waiting room. Wish us luck!