Thursday, August 26, 2010


So yesterday was John's birthday. He woke up to baklava from his uncle. Yummy!!!

And presents from me. I got him a new work out bar and some of that new Wonka candy. For dinner he picked hamburgers and salad. And instead of a cake he wanted brownies. This boy is obsessed with brownies. So I made do... a bit of wax got on the brownies by the time I lit all 24 candles.

And here are the brownies just seconds later. LOL

Yesterday I also got a couple ornaments stitched up. One I have stitched into a biscornu but forgot to take the picture.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who leaves me comments. I always love to read what you think about my projects.


Amy at A thousand sheets of paper is having a pretty awesome paper & stamp giveaway. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More ornaments & etc.

I'm just having so much fun stitching up all these ornaments I'll most likely continue until Christmas.

Here is the penguin I posted last time designed by Paw Printings. I broke down and bought some more shiny threads since I couldn't find any of mine. But I'm glad I did I love how the border looks and I also found a cute candy cane stripe ribbon when I picked up the shiny threads.

Here is a design by Brittercup. I just love these cats!

This one is from Lizzie Kate. I added the arms he just seemed to be missing something then I was like duh some arms.

And this one is designed by Little House Needleworks. I have just fallen in love with this company. I have many of there designs on my "to do" list.

Yesterday I decided to take a stab at dyeing fabric with tea. I'm not too sure I really like the look of it. But i'm sure i'll use it at some point.

I also bought some Crystal Light really cheap marked way down cheap, but didn't like the flavor of it. Think it was cherry pomegranate. So I used some of my scraps and a couple packs to try dyeing with it. I think it turned out really pretty. I've got a couple packs left so i'm going to do this again for sure. It turned out a really pretty peachy pink to me, not as pink as the picture suggests.

Also John's little sister Natalia asked if I would make her an Ipod case like the one I showed you guys on the 9th. She told me her favorite color is Midnight Blue. That use to be my favorite at her age too. So this is the fabric that John and I picked for hers. I'm thinking I might make one for my mom too.

Happy Stitching!