Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fazolis! Yum!

Yesterday I took Emily's brat out for lunch to Fazoli's. Yummy yummy yummy. I haven't seen her in forever it was fun to hang out with an almost 13 year old. I can't believe she will be a teenager in just a couple months! She's going to stay the night with me next Tuesday we might go see a movie or rent a movie and pig out on some junk food.

Also here is my update on Butterflies & Blossoms. Only one flower left to do and then the backstitching.

Please send some prayers for John's grandma. She went to the doctors to get a CAT scan or something and they injected the whatever into the wrong vein or something. (Eleni's mouth to John's mouth to my ears is confusing) But they sent her to the hospital and now we don't know whats going on. John's dad works at that hospital and he just went into work so hopefully we will find something out real soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some contests

It looks like Carolyn at Taking one stitch at a time is going to have a couple give aways. She posted her first and it looks so cute! Check it out.

A nice cool walk

Yesterday John and I went for a walk. I took a few pics. I was a little upset I hadn't gotten my camera out yet and a deer was 15 ft away from us. Sad to say I was too slow getting it out to get a good picture.

Also here are some wild flowers we saw... and some by the house.

And of course here is my update on Butterflies & Blossoms.

Hope to have it done soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Late

The 12th totally passed me right by and I totally forgot the Totally Useless SAL! So here is my jar along with my butterflies & flowers I've been working on for Effie.

Here is a better picture of the butterflies & flowers.

Also I made the tiny little purple butterfly. It's not framed yet. I'm not one to usually repeat a pattern but this one was easy and fun, so I decided to make a purple magnet to send also. But then I decided not to stop with just a purple one. Effie's favorite colors are purple, pink, and electric blue... So I made a couple more. (The two are only half done)

Now to just finish the magnets and the butterfly & flowers and her necklace and ship it off. I also need to make my Father's Day card this week. Don't forget Father's Day is next Saturday!