Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Late

The 12th totally passed me right by and I totally forgot the Totally Useless SAL! So here is my jar along with my butterflies & flowers I've been working on for Effie.

Here is a better picture of the butterflies & flowers.

Also I made the tiny little purple butterfly. It's not framed yet. I'm not one to usually repeat a pattern but this one was easy and fun, so I decided to make a purple magnet to send also. But then I decided not to stop with just a purple one. Effie's favorite colors are purple, pink, and electric blue... So I made a couple more. (The two are only half done)

Now to just finish the magnets and the butterfly & flowers and her necklace and ship it off. I also need to make my Father's Day card this week. Don't forget Father's Day is next Saturday!


missy-tannenbaum said...

Ah, those butterflies are really pretty, and I like your color choices, too! They're really bright, without being overwhelmingly so.

Topcho said...

The package you sent arrived today! Thank you so much, everything is amazing!!!

I've went througn your previous posts - sorry I can't post on all of them - but wanted to say that all of your new projects are awesome, and that I hope John's aunt is doing good. I wish a fast recovery!

Nick said...

Butterflies & Flowers looks great so far, as do the other butterflies! The purple, pink & blue go good together.