Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painting & quilting

Well I've kinda been taking a small break from stitching. I did finish February's Little heart Sal but haven't started on March's yet.
Mainly I've been cutting my squares to work on my quilt.

But I couldn't help myself and I did start that "the dog did it" kit that I picked up.
Also I get these urges to paint. I've painted a lot of cute things for people. A sled with a snowman on it (I need to do one of these for myself!) a LOVE string and I just recently painted this for my bf. He just loves cats.

On an L note... I can't seem to finish filling in his shirt. It just doesn't look right to me. It's too light I think. Some of the shading in him just keeps throwing me off. As soon as I get that section done it looks right but I just don't know about this last section.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feel like I haven't done anything.

(Picture heavy post) Ever get that feeling like you just haven't really worked on anything you ment to work on but you really have? I've gotten a big chunk done on L. All thats left is to fill in his shirt.

I also found, off of someone else's blog a German lady named Sylvia that is doing a Sal called My Little Heart. I just found it so cute I had to start it. I got two different metallic reds. It's kind of hard to see the difference between them tho so i'm a little upset about that but its turning out cute so far. (Check out her blog at Sylvia's) I even picked up a new aida color called light oatmeal. I'm really liking it.

Also going on this week my best friend that moved to Florida is here visiting til Wednesday. So I've been trying to spend time with her as much as I can since we only get to see each other about once a year now. Yesterday we went out for lunch and did some shopping. She needed some buttons for a shirt so we went to JoAnn's and of course I bought a bunch of stuff I shouldn't of. I've been wanting to make some necklaces again so I got three different charms...

and some beads...

a new kit that I just thought was too cute to pass up for $4

and I found this cute fabric in the remnants. Thought it would make a cute baby girl quilt at some time.

I was upset when I got home and saw that it's only letters F, B, C, H. I thought it had the whole alphabet. *sighs*
I also found some cute buttons (they were all 50% off!) for my quilt. I'm going to put them in the middle of some of the squares so I won't have to worry about trying to sew down the middle of the quilt. My mom told me buttons would make it easier to hold the quilt together more.

So after JoAnn's we went around to a few other stores looking for a new shirt for her to wear. I finally got a new pair of shoes, a couple new tank tops, a lucky bamboo plant, and I found a really cute Disney puzzle. After that we came back to my place and we decided to try and make these crape paper roses that I found on clearance at a Wal-mart. That was fun. I've decided i'm not a huge fan of florist tape. It's sticky on everything but itself!

But it did turn out really cute! Well I think i've posted enough of my ramblings. Hope you all having good progress on whatever your working on.