Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painting & quilting

Well I've kinda been taking a small break from stitching. I did finish February's Little heart Sal but haven't started on March's yet.
Mainly I've been cutting my squares to work on my quilt.

But I couldn't help myself and I did start that "the dog did it" kit that I picked up.
Also I get these urges to paint. I've painted a lot of cute things for people. A sled with a snowman on it (I need to do one of these for myself!) a LOVE string and I just recently painted this for my bf. He just loves cats.

On an L note... I can't seem to finish filling in his shirt. It just doesn't look right to me. It's too light I think. Some of the shading in him just keeps throwing me off. As soon as I get that section done it looks right but I just don't know about this last section.


Parsley said...

Your SAL looks great. I need to try to heart border like you did. It's so cute.

Kttycat said...

It's the border that she also posted. Except I left out a few stitches in the bottom of it. :)

Blu said...

Your SAL is coming along great.
I adore that cat! It's awesome.

Topcho said...

all of them are just awesome, but I just love the cat :D

Lumiruusu said...

Your little heart SAL is beautiful and I like all other stitchins too.I just found your blog it`s very nice!