Monday, August 9, 2010

Today's projects

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So to keep myself busy today I made an Ipod carrying case. I was hooked up to Thimbelina, from Freebies For Crafters. It took me three tries! I was getting so frustrated. The first one I messed up and put a part the wrong direction and didn't find out til I was almost finished... the second time I had forgotten to move my needle back to the middle. So my seams were too small and tore apart. But third time was a charm :) I think it turned out pretty good. This will definitely come with me to New York next month.

With my Ipod peaking out...

All closed up...

And of course tomorrow is the New Moon. So here is my Jar with all my bits.

Happy stitching!


Jennifer H. over at CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL STARTER is having a giveaway for her birthday. So go wish her a Happy Birthday and enter into her give away for a self contained glass flower frog.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Stash!

So yesterday I went into town and bought some new stash to work on making Christmas ornaments for everyone this year as their presents. I have decided i'm going to just make a bunch and then let my family/friends pick. I think I might even do a couple extras to give away as presents to a couple readers!

So here is all my Christmas stash I bought! Scrapbook papers... wire... beads... buttons... felt... fabric... and of coarse some Christmas color floss!

A close up of the fabrics. I just love the Rudolph one!

And a couple days back I saw online a pattern/directions for making an Ipod case. So I got the fabric and i'm going to try and make it. (sorry its a bit blurry)

I have been working on the "Love" and it's almost all filled in on the red. But I've been playing Fable II today and haven't stitched on it much. Hopefully i'll put in a few more stitches tonight. So I can do the white and then sew it into a pillow and be done with another project.

Well hope everyone is having a great day!