Saturday, May 15, 2010

LOL @ Parsley

Parsley over at Seasons of My Mind decided she wanted to do something a little funny and see how all her readers minds are warped. I decided i'd join in.

1. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
I'd be an otter. They are my favorite animal. They just look like they have so much fun playing and swimming and just floating in the water.

2. Which food type do you crave? salty, sweet, hearty, carby, greasy
Depends on what day it is.... but usually I crave greasy since John is always trying to get me to eat healthier I don't get greasy as much... and I mean greasy as in McDonalds or some other fast food!

3. Someone just put a post-it note on your forehead. What does it say?
Outta her mind. Be back in 15 mins.

4. Have you ever smelled your own feet? If so, describe how they smelled?
Like stinky socks! LOL

5. If you could own any pet other than a dog or a cat, what would it be?
Hmmmm.... a bearded dragon. I fell in love with my mom's and Nicks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't posted in awhile. I was kinda putting off working on Brighter Tomorrows. Instead I made this pattern.

And then stitched it into two different pins to wear. The right one is complete cross stitching, the left one is completely beads. I'm thinking of making another with the darker pink as beads and the rest stitched. I'm going to send one to Eleni with her Brighter Tomorrows (once it's finished) and i'm going to start wearing one and I was thinking of throwing the third into my giveaway.

On the Brighter Tomorrows topic. I buckled down yesterday and worked on those stupid beautiful flowers. I only have one flower left, the butterfly, a few leaves and a couple more lines of the words. I screwed up one one line and put it one square too far down... but I think I can live with it, so its staying.

I also started working on my Lizzie Kate meow and woof flip its. The meow is done but i'm not sharing til the woof is done and I have them framed.

I also painted a flower pot. We went to a local green house orchard about a week ago. And John really wanted something green in our living room. So he picked out Irish Moss. It's actually really pretty. It's suppose to bud small white flowers. After I painted the pot and put the plant in and water it, the next day it got all bumpy. Dad says its cuz of the paint. But it actually looks pretty cool.

And of course the new moon is today so here is my TUSAL jar. I'm starting to think I need to find a bigger one!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I snuck some shopping in yesterday while my dad was in his cardiac rehab class. I went and got some threads, a couple new thread boxes, some new garden gloves, a few frames, some fabric, and some cute stickers that were on clearance.

I noticed afterwards that one of the fabrics I bought is called Fiddler's. I've never heard of this. Has anyone else?

And as promised here is my Brighter Tomorrows as it sits right now. Again the flowers are really aggravating me!!! So i'll try to do at least one or two a day and maybe once I do a couple and have something really good on TV I wont even noticed and do three! Lol here's to hoping!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Well first off,

Hope all the moms out there have a very relaxing day today!

So yesterday I went to the movies with mom. Iron Man was pretty good! And afterwards I went and checked out my new needleshop store for some green fabric to do my Lizzie Kate by the letter Merry Christmas project. But I didn't like any she had there. So I think i'm just going to do it on white and instead of a white border i'm going to do a red and green border. But while I was there I of course had to browse through some of the patterns. I picked up the other two for my Merry Christmas

and these two cute flip its.

I also did manage to get some time in to work on the backstitching of my Brighter Tomorrows. It's looking really good! I'll take pictures after today's progress so you can see more.

Have a wonderful stitchy day!