Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I snuck some shopping in yesterday while my dad was in his cardiac rehab class. I went and got some threads, a couple new thread boxes, some new garden gloves, a few frames, some fabric, and some cute stickers that were on clearance.

I noticed afterwards that one of the fabrics I bought is called Fiddler's. I've never heard of this. Has anyone else?

And as promised here is my Brighter Tomorrows as it sits right now. Again the flowers are really aggravating me!!! So i'll try to do at least one or two a day and maybe once I do a couple and have something really good on TV I wont even noticed and do three! Lol here's to hoping!


Amy said...

I love Fiddler's cloth. I have used it in the past.

Your projects are beautiful.

I need to finish the baby blanket for my daughter's teacher and get my Mermaid done.

It has been awhile since I posted stitching pics.

Dawn said...

I love to back stitch!! It is so faster to complete!! But I also love to do blackwork!! :)

Nick said...

Brighter Tomorrows is coming along very nicely, I love the flowers and boarder design!