Thursday, February 3, 2011


My jar looks a lot better this month. It's got lots of bits of fluff. I also finally got a jar for this year. I decorated it with Pooh Bear.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wed SAL & Valentine Giveaway

Alright first off here is my update on my Christmas SAL with Crystal & Wendy. I knew there was a reason I kept putting off working on it again. It somehow didn't get measure right. I was suppose to have three inches on each side but it just fits on the bottom. So hopefully once I get it finished it won't be too much hassle to frame it, maybe i'll actually pay to have this one framed.

Now onto what everyone wants to know about. My Valentine's Giveaway. I again have two prizes, but this time i'm going to let the person whos name I draw first pick which one they want to receive. Now for the details.

Be a follower (yes international followers you can enter too).
Leave a comment!
Post about my giveaway on your blog. (Please tell me when you do so you can get your extra entry.

Think that sounds good. I think I will leave it open until the 7th. So hopefully just maybe you can get it around Valentines Day. Now maybe you'd like to know what you might win.

In prize A there is a tub of candy. Mainly Hersey's milk and dark chocolates and some kisses. Also a box of candy hearts. Some Valentine ribbon. Cherry Blossom soap petals. Valentine socks. Wooden Love. Woodstock magnet made by me. A be mine ornament. And one of my handmade scissor fobs. I will also add in a handmade valentine ornament from me.

Now for prize B. A cute little bag for your goodies. A strawberry champagne reed defuser. A snoopy magnet made by me. Candy hearts. A rose sucker. Be Mine wooden ornament. A pot and seeds to grow mini roses. And of course one of my handmade scissor fobs. Also I have another spool of Valentines ribbon that I forgot to add in this picture (same spool as in prize A), and a box of chocolates that also escaped being in the picture. This prize will also include a handmade valentines ornament from me.

That about sums it up. Good luck!

Happy Stitching


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some progress

I was visiting with my grandma the other day and we were going through her egg beads and things. (It's better than going into a bead shop she has so much!) I noticed she had a bunch of needles just put into a piece of paper. So I decided I'm going to make her a little needle book. It doesn't exactly match the fabric colors but oh well. (I just need to pick up some felt and ribbon to finish it)

I also picked up and finished another little valentine ornament i'd started. Here are both sides.

Here it is finished.

After I finished that I got to thinking i've been neglecting my Crazy 15. So I picked up Story of Seasons and got this far.

I think John got me sick. He woke up with a sore throat the other day and yesterday I was either too hot or freezing cold all day and then this morning I woke up with the sore throat. So today i'm just going to sit watch movies and stitch. Hope your all finding stitching time!

Happy Stitching!