Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finished project & new project

So I sent off the Brighter Tomorrows yesterday. I included both pins in the package also.

I also finished my Lizzie Kate flip-its of meow and woof last night.

And then I went to start the Merry Christmas ones but I didn't have a big enough piece of fabric in the shade I want to do it on. So I decided to work on the kitty house ABC sampler.

Now i'm off to get around to go to a flea/craft market thing. Tomorrow Mom is taking me out to eat and to see Shrek in 3D IMAX! I'm excited!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tired but happy!

(lots of pics)
I'm sore and tired. The last few days we have been finally planting our garden. We have about half of it done. Got all the pre-grown plants in the ground, onions, red onions, potatoes, and garlic done. Now just to plant our seeds. I'll take some pictures later. But onto a happy morning... I woke up to a box from Emily... yay my birthday prezzies!!!

First up my card. It's so cute and funny.

Then this pretty little purple box....

hmmm... lets open it...

oooooooh a purple necklace!!!!

Hmmm whats this?

Awww (ignore my stuff in the background)...

And the last big one is....

Awwww kitties.

Thank you Emily!!!!! Your truly are my bestest best friend in the whole wide world!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brighter Tomorrows

So yesterday I actually sat down and stitched. I haven't actually stitched since I made that mistake on Brighter Tomorrows... I thought I could live with the line being down one extra... but I guess I couldn't subconsciously since it took me awhile to pick the project back up and work on it. I decided to try and leave it alone though. I stitched in the next line of verse and it looked bad...

So I frogged it... rip-it rip-it

And after another couple hours of watching the old movie Hook that I recorded on my DVR, I ended up with this....

So off it goes in the mail!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Addition to Giveaway

I've decided to add a couple things to my giveaway. As with my earlier giveaway post you can enter by leaving a comment on either posts, be a follower, and by telling people on your blog that i'm having this giveaway. If you've already done all three. I will let you enter a 4th time by posting again on your blog that I have added a couple new things. Seems only fair! :) Now to what i'm adding....

I had so much fun making a new TUSAL jar that I had to make another one (this one with butterflies all over it) and if your not partaking in the TUSAL you could always join! or you can use the jar for buttons or anything you like. Oh also Blu had asked if it was stickers. They are rub-on's. :)

And I decided to take my hand at dying some fabric so you can get half of what I dyed... one is sunflower yellow and the other is intense violet.

I will pick a winner on May 25th my birthday! So you have a week :) Good luck!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I broke down and bought a slightly bigger container for my orts. It was a boring plain jar... so I had to of course spruce it up. I had fun doing it... I might just make another one.

I also found a cute box to stash all my cross stitching stuff in and put next to the couch.