Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yes I am alive!

I want to thank everyone who has sent me a questioning "Where are you? How are you?" comments. I have been just fine. Just life getting in the way of anything enjoyable. I got a promotion at work and some days it just stresses me out too much to have the patience to count. LOL i've been doing a lot of beading, reading, and some stitching here and there. I did make Emily a birthday present back in May you can click HERE to see it. I've also worked a little bit on a couple other things here and there. I try to go to the stitchy store on Saturday mornings and stitch with the girls when I can but its hard when I have to work most Saturdays.

In a couple weeks we are moving into a new apartment. I'm so excited!!! I'm thinking once we are settled in and mostly unpacked I will be picking up my needle and thread again! I've really been itching to stitch again lately. I've even bought a couple new patterns, threads, and cloth to get me in the mood again!

Well I hope to start catching up on some of your blogs again. If I missed anything important please fill me in!!! LOL. Miss you all!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still around somewhere

I have been a horrible blogging friend lately. I haven't even been reading blogs the past couple of weeks. But i'm going to try to get back into some rhythm here. Also a message to Denise and Teresa I have your packages. I feel so bad for not getting them out to you guys yet. But I promise it will be soon!!!! I'm taking a new friend with me Saturday to the stitchy store to stitch with the ladies. She only does a little bit of cross stitch and all she has ever bought has been kits from Michaels and JoAnn's so Saturday should be fun for her! On a stitchy note I didn't get 'Autumn in NY' done but I did get a little chunk of it done. I don't know if i'll take that with me Saturday or maybe 'Daisy Girl' she seems to be calling my name. Well i'm off to do some errands today and hopefully try to catch up on some blogs!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Moon

Another new moon so that means an update of my TUSAL jar. Not too much added recently with my not stitching a whole lot. The fabric in the pic John picked out for me to make some bandannas for Rex to wear. Well i'm going to go try and work on 'Autumn in NY' that is if Rex will let me. He has fallen in love with sitting on my lap and he's too big for me to stitch while hes there.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring swap goodies & some cross stitch

I got my Spring Swap in the mail yesterday (keep an eye out for what I sent to my partner). Terri from dixie samplar designs had me. She sent some wonderful things!

First part was a pretty Easter card, some pretty purple cards, and a lilac candle that smells pretty.

The second part held a pretty magnetic pad of paper, some more pretty cards, a pen, an eye mask, some cute easter tissues, and one of the cutest handmade scissor fobs!

And if all that wasn't enough in the third package there was a cross stitch magazine, two Easter Lizzie Kate patterns (that are both too cute), some pretty sparkly threads, needles, ribbon (that you can't see because I wasn't thinking when I took the picture but it has flowers on it), and of course chocolate & caramel coffee werthers!

I want to thank Terri in sending me such a wonderful swap package!!!! You are a sweetheart!

Now I have managed to do a bit of stitching over the last week. Here is my update on 'Autumn in NY'. My goal is to try and get it done before Wednesday! We are having the biggest sale on framing at work so now is the best time for me to get something framed and i'd really like to get this one done. Hopefully I can do it!

Alright i'm off to watch a movie and stitch for a bit today. Happy Stitching!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet our new family member!

This is Rex. We got him Wednesday from the local Human Shelter. He is 3 1/2 years old and he is Bulldog & Doxie.

I know I haven't been a great blogger recently. But i'm going to try to start blogging again more often. I hope you all are having a great day!


Friday, March 18, 2011

And the winner is....

Teresa from Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches.

Congratulations. Please send me an email with you snail mail info so I can get this out in the mail to you.

Also a note to Denise. I haven't forgotten about your winning my 100 followers post. I have been having issues with stitching the scissor fob. But I promise I will try to work on it this weekend and get it out to you soon!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


It's another holiday. So that means another one of my giveaways! This one includes a handmade ornament from yours truly. (I still needs to be sewn together! Promise it will be finished before I mail it!)

A pretty plaque.

And I will make a green scissor fob with a clover.


1. Leave a comment
2. Be a follower.

Very simple! I will draw a winner Friday morning when I get up.


On the stitching front... I have managed to do a little bit of stitching. Sadly not on any of my Crazy 15. But I did the ornament for my giveaway. A spring RAK and i've started a little easter stitch for an Easter/Spring swap. I'm hoping after I get it finished maybe I will want to pick up one of my 15. *fingers crossed* Well i'm off to play some video games with John.


Happy Stitching!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Pay it Forward

I signed up for a Pay it Forward on Chriz's blog.

(Info taken from her blog)
Here's how it works.

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.

In return, you must write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011.
Then.... send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment (I think it will be kind to also include the person that you entered from – I am doing that).

Take your don't need to send them all today or tomorrow. And most importantly – HAVE FUN!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


First off Happy Fat Tuesday. I had my paczki this morning. Yummy!!!! So yesterday I got two packages in the mail. First was a book I won from Mandy's Continuing the Love giveaway. Thanks again Mandy!

Then I also got a package from Parsley. Who is such a sweetheart!

She sent some wonderful patterns, some linen (yay i've been wanting to try linen again), some chocolates, and a handstitched bookmark. That is just too cute! Here is a close up of the bookmark.

Thanks again Deena! It was just too sweet of you! Alright i'm off to figure out a handmade item for an Easter swap. Happy stitching!


Monday, March 7, 2011


This weeks project doesn't even get the justification of having a picture posted. I maybe put in 50 x's of grey on white. It was the 'Naughty' Christmas ornament. And I only worked on it for that hour at the LNS. But I did stitch something for my St. Patrick's day giveaway. But you'll have to wait to see that. Also I think this week i'm just doing whatever. I'm not going to care that i'm suppose to work on my Christmas SAL today and tomorrow and i'm not going to care that i'm getting no where with my crazy 15. I think I just need a nice break from everything. Hopefully it will get me out of the funk and I can then get some more of my 15 done! This week I plan on finishing a baby present for Crystal and to maybe stitch a RAK. Which I forgot to share my last one with you all. Wendy got hers the other day. Click Here to go visit her post and see what I sent/made.

Well i'm off. Happy stitching to you all!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Break from stitching

Last night I just couldn't seem to pick up my needle so I picked up my knitting and finished John's hat. I hadn't even done the brim on it yet so I got a lot knitted on it. Here is the hat...

here he is being a goof wearing his new hat...

While I was in town I picked up some more yarn to try to make a purse. I think it will be cute.

Also just a couple pics I took of us.

I like me in this one so I had to share it even though his eyes are closed. lol

I did pick up my cross stitching for a bit today. I went to my LNS and stitched with the ladies for a little over an hour. I also picked up a couple things for a St. Patty's giveaway. So keep an eye out. I'm going to go stitch something for it now. Happy stitching!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Here is my jar of bits of fluff for March.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday SAL

It's Wednesday and you all know what that means. Here is my progress of 'On Christmas Day'.

It's crazy how much I managed to get done. I pushed through my hatred tiredness of stitching this and got a whole page done! Only two more left and then to add beads!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daisy Girl

First off Welcome to my new followers.

Lately I have been in a horrible funk. I haven't really wanted to do much of anything. Especially when it comes to the computer. So sorry I haven't been leaving too many comments on your blogs. I have been reading them here and there. But mainly this past couple weeks i've had my nose in a book. I've read the entire 'Dream Catcher' series. It was pretty good.

I have been stitching a little here and there. I did get some decent progress done on 'Daisy Girl'. (When last you saw it (click here))

So now i'm suppose to work on 'On Christmas Day' I have so totally lost all mojo for this project. I put a few stitches in yesterday and i'll try to get a few more in today but who knows.

Also a couple weeks ago I ordered some fabric from Sassy's Fabbys. I love it! I am thinking about joining their fabric of the month club. It looks like you could do it for not too expensive. But then again maybe ill just wait til I get a bit of money and buy a bunch! What I ended up getting was 28ct Laguna in the color called Heartsong. I think it's so pretty. And so soft.

Well i'm off to try to stitch a little bit. Or ill shove my nose into another book. Happy stitching to you all.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power is back

It sure hasn't been a great time the last couple weeks. First I wasn't feeling good, then a bunch of drama, then the power going out. So needless to say I really haven't done too much stitching. I had to skip last FNS and Hermit stitch day. *pouts* But i'll share with you what I have. But first I want to share some of the ice storm pictures I took.

Ok I know its Wednesday and i'm suppose to share my progress on 'On Christmas Day' but it was really hard to stitch by candlelight. So no progress this week. I'll have to make up for it next week. I did manage to get almost all of Summer done on 'Story of Seasons'. All it's missing is the little bit of dark blue on the corner.

I also started a San Man SAL for birthday critters.

This weeks project is 'Daisy Girl'. I'm looking forward to working on her. Hopefully she won't give me too many problems. Ok off to the library then to do laundry and clean house today. Then hopefully try to catch up on some blogs! Happy Stitching!