Friday, March 11, 2011

Pay it Forward

I signed up for a Pay it Forward on Chriz's blog.

(Info taken from her blog)
Here's how it works.

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.

In return, you must write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011.
Then.... send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment (I think it will be kind to also include the person that you entered from – I am doing that).

Take your don't need to send them all today or tomorrow. And most importantly – HAVE FUN!



Teresa said...

I think it sounds like a fun idea.
Would love to know more about it.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Kttycat said...

Teresa send me an email at with your snail mail info and i'll give you some more info about it.

Alf N Stitches said...

Hi, I like the idea! My email is

Carm said...

sounds like a good idea. Carmie

Akila said...

Is this still open? Sounds like good fun

Kttycat said...

Yea its still open if you want to join just send me an email.