Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tag for purse

So tonight i'm going over to moms to work on the purse again! She suggested to me last time to make a little stitched tag that said handmade by Cat or something. So I of course couldn't just stitch handmade I had to add something. So I found a cute soda pattern that had a kitty in it and some scissors and spool of thread. Its going to be a little big but I hope it'll look cute. Here it is so far....

I'm not too sure about the scissors and the thread... think I might move them down going to finish the kitty first and see how it looks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's all Greek

So awhile back I talked about dying some fabric to a dark navy blue to do a Greek pattern for John's Uncle. So I sat down and started to stitch it.... by the way the pattern was a woman dancing. I got one arm done and couldn't take it anymore! The pattern was horrible!!!! It was so tiny and hard to read so I gave up and created my own pattern of the Greek Flag. Hopefully he will enjoy it just the same. I only have a couple rows left to stitch on the bottom. Then find a cute frame and send it on its merry way.