Thursday, February 10, 2011

busy yesterday

First off want to tell you all out there that the 18th is this months FNS. If you want more information click HERE.

So yesterday I decided I needed to pull out my sewing machine and get some things done. So here is what I finished.

My two ornaments for my vday giveaway...

Parsley's hidden giveaway vday ornament...

Grandma's needlebook...

And my favorite of yesterday....

Oh wait I can't share that one with you. It's a RAK. You'll have to wait to see this one.

On another note i'm still waiting to hear from Peggy H. from Never Enough Stash. I need her snail mail so I can send her the vday package. She has two more days to send me her info or i'll have to pick a new winner.

Well i'm off to work on the biscornu for my 100 follower giveaway. Happy stitching!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday SAL & Another Giveaway

I did very very little on my Christmas SAL I just could not for the life of me get into stitching it yesterday. I managed to get another fourth of the bottom left snowflake done.

But Autumn in NY was calling my name. I got a tree trunk done!

I was informed yesterday I hit 100 followers! I'm sorry I didn't even notice I had gotten new followers! Welcome to all you newbies! I love meeting new stitchy friends so make sure you drop by once in awhile and say hi. I'm thinking i'll stitch a biscornu to give away for reaching over 100 followers. Also i'll add in one of my handmade scissor fobs. So leave a comment and be a follower and i'll pick a winner next Wednesday (the 16th). Good Luck to you all!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a Happy Dance

Yay 'Mermaids' is finished! (Sorry the pic isn't the greatest)

So after I got all the beads and backstitching done I picked up 'Autumn in New York' and got a little bit more done. I would of gotten more done but I started one of my books I got from the library.

Alright i'm off to work on the Christmas SAL so I have some progress to share tomorrow. I'm also meeting my mom for dinner tonight. Should be fun.

Happy Stitching!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Super bowl Sunday & V day winners

Ok first off yesterday I went the my LNS for a super bowl Sunday stitching party. It was a lot of fun. We had a lot of great food and had lots of fun talking. I was a little nervous to go. But I ended up knowing one lady that came. I use to work with her so that helped. I think i'll be going to future ones. I took along 'Autumn in New York' to work on. I got a decent amount stitched since we did a lot of talking and eating.

Lorna (LNS owner) also held a couple drawings while we were there. I won the second one! I was so excited. I won a pair of dinky dye scissor and a cute finger nail clipper in the shape of a hand. (She also got in toe nail clippers shaped like feet. They are so cute.)

Lorna also gave us 10% off our purchases. So I picked up some fabric to start a birthday SAL on the Sanman board. And some brown and white beads to finally finish 'Mermaids' (look for it tomorrow). I also got a free key chain and prairie schooler pattern.

Ok now onto what you really want to know. The winners for my Valentines giveaway. First I made a random list of all the names.

Then I used the number generator to pick two numbers.

Congrats to Binky & Peggy!!! Each of you need to send me your snail mail. And Binky you need to tell me which package you want to receive.

Ok i'm off to run up to the library and pick up a couple books and then come home and clean some. Then to finish 'Mermaids'!!!!