Friday, April 23, 2010

Go Blue!

Didn't get a whole lot of time yesterday to stitch & relax. Went with dad to pick up a new toy for him. He got a great deal on an old tractor.

But once we got home I decided to take a break from Emily's present and finish what I had started on Wednesday night. I got the pattern from Nick over at M Go Blue Stitcher. Thanks again Nick I had fun stitching this up.

I needed something simple & easy. I'm getting too frustrated with the tiger. I had managed to get half of another set of 3 10x10 blocks done. And the confetti was driving me insane. Hope I can get some of the sanity back to actually work on the tiger. So today while i'm in town i'm thinking of picking up some Michigan fabric to finish this off. Not sure how i'm going to do it yet though.

I also worked on something for my Mom for mother's Day.

Well thanks for visiting today. Hope you have a great day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another bracelet down.

Well between working on the birthday present I managed to get another one of the bracelets done for the girls.

Also I started another thing but i'm going to wait until most likely later today when it gets finished to share it with you.

Hope all your projects are moving along!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Three Column Blog???

Can anyone help me out? I would like to have three columns on my blog. Every tutorial I've tried just doesn't end up working once I get it all done. If anyone can direct me to a site that might help or tell me in your own words it would be much appreciated! Thanks a million!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Duck Park

Today while dad was in his cardiac rehab we went to the duck park to feed the ducks some old bread. We had fun. I was a little upset that a mom drove up with her daughter and let her out to chase after the birds. You just want to go yell at them! Arg! But anyways here are some pictures from the park.

Threads threads threads

I sat down to work on the birthday present some more yesterday and got stuck! I was missing two colors! So it had to wait until I could go to the store today. So instead I decided to finally sit and organize all my floss. Awhile ago I started picking up a pack or two here and there of plastic bobbins, and DMC number stickers. When I would bring home a new color floss I would put it on the new plastic bobbin with matching number sticker, but I never got around to fixing all my old ones so they would look pretty. (I can't stand the sight of them all with bent cardboard and messy thread everywhere!) I ended up filling three boxes!!!

Also we went driving around yesterday with Dad. He wanted to look at these Amish wood cabins. They have a model sitting on the side of the road south of us. He wants to build one back in our woods. So we went and look and he got ideas. Wish I had taken a couple pictures to show you how cute these little things are. (People use them for hunting cabins.) It even had a little porch. But after that we stopped at a few junk/antique shops. And I found these cute teddy bears, they have a bracelet wrapped around the neck in pretty purple, clear, & silver beads and a pendent thats a heart that says mom. Hopefully my mom doesn't read this post. :) One is for her Mother's Day present and the other is for John's Mom. We also bought John's mom a really pretty necklace. But I still need to figure something else out for my mom.

After we got home and I finished with all my threads. (my arm hurts!) I decided to work on the indecent tiger. (That's what i'm calling it now) I'm also missing a couple colors for him. So another reason to go to the store today.

Well thanks for listing to me go on and on. Hope your enjoying your day. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well I've mainly been working on something that I can not yet post. It is someones birthday present and she follows this blog. But I promise i'm taking pictures as it moves along so you can see it.

Other then the birthday prez I've managed to make a couple more necklaces. Which I can't ever seem to get good pictures of. I don't know why but they always come out very fuzzy! I also took my first stab at making some scissor fobs. Which one is for the birthday girl but i'll show you these. (See even these come out really blurry.)

The other one is going to be something I will post in the future on this blog...i'm thinking a giveaway for my 100th post. I've started getting things together for it... but now I've got to get to 100 posts!

Oh also here is the finished "The dog did it!" I think it turned out really cute.

Well have a wonderful day!