Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well I've mainly been working on something that I can not yet post. It is someones birthday present and she follows this blog. But I promise i'm taking pictures as it moves along so you can see it.

Other then the birthday prez I've managed to make a couple more necklaces. Which I can't ever seem to get good pictures of. I don't know why but they always come out very fuzzy! I also took my first stab at making some scissor fobs. Which one is for the birthday girl but i'll show you these. (See even these come out really blurry.)

The other one is going to be something I will post in the future on this blog...i'm thinking a giveaway for my 100th post. I've started getting things together for it... but now I've got to get to 100 posts!

Oh also here is the finished "The dog did it!" I think it turned out really cute.

Well have a wonderful day!

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