Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yes I am alive!

I want to thank everyone who has sent me a questioning "Where are you? How are you?" comments. I have been just fine. Just life getting in the way of anything enjoyable. I got a promotion at work and some days it just stresses me out too much to have the patience to count. LOL i've been doing a lot of beading, reading, and some stitching here and there. I did make Emily a birthday present back in May you can click HERE to see it. I've also worked a little bit on a couple other things here and there. I try to go to the stitchy store on Saturday mornings and stitch with the girls when I can but its hard when I have to work most Saturdays.

In a couple weeks we are moving into a new apartment. I'm so excited!!! I'm thinking once we are settled in and mostly unpacked I will be picking up my needle and thread again! I've really been itching to stitch again lately. I've even bought a couple new patterns, threads, and cloth to get me in the mood again!

Well I hope to start catching up on some of your blogs again. If I missed anything important please fill me in!!! LOL. Miss you all!