Friday, December 3, 2010


This is how much I managed to get finished last night before I crawled into bed.

The dove & cross really kicked me in the butt. I hate stitching with really light colors. So first off that was a pain. Then I was an idiot and when I made the pattern to make sure everything lined up how I liked, the symbols came out in all different directions of V. So my dyslexia really hated me! But I pushed on and got it finished (and then rewarded myself with some caramel). Now for today... finish the elephant and do the donkey and hopefully start on the backstitching. Shouldn't be much longer and I can start 'On Christmas Day'.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Work for my supper

I was told (by Crystal) that I could not have my supper tonight unless I made some good progress on my politics/religion piece. I think I have so now i'm going to eat i'm starved! Promise i'll work on it more after dinner!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

Wow can you believe it.... its December. Only 25 days til Christmas!!! And what better way to wake up to on December 1st but....

Snow!!!! We finally got our first sticking of snow. It's not much now but it's still lightly snowing and suppose to all day. I just love snow.... well until about the middle of January then i'll start complaining about it. :)

Well Crystal, Wendy and I, have decided that we will start our 'On Christmas Day' SAL today. Seemed fitting. So each Wednesday we will be posting our progress.

So I went to the LNS and picked out some fabric before work yesterday. I'm not too sure that i'm in love with the color I ended up with. So i'm planning on going back today and taking the picture with me and the floss I ended up picking out. Each of us girls is doing it in a different color scheme so it should be really cool to see each of ours. Crystal is doing red, green & white. Wendy is doing hers in pink, gold & white. And mine will be in two shades of blue and white.

Last night instead of working on my politics/religion piece I made some scissor fobs for some lucky winners over on the SanMan board. I still have one more to make so after that one is finished I will share them with you. I think these ones have been some of the best I've made. Even John said these ones look extra fancy.

Well here is my progress so far on politics/religion.

I will have to get my butt in gear on this! My mom wants to mail it out in time for Christmas. Guess thats what i'll be working on for the next few days. Happy stitching everyone!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy organized

I tried to figure out a way that would make the Crazy 2011 Challenge seem a little less crazy and a little more organized. Think I figured a way. I went to the dollar store and bought 15 shoe box size plastic storage containers. I have numbered them 1-15 and have printed a picture on the top of each. So now when I do my rotation I can easily switch from one to the next. Lol is that being a little too organized? Now I need to get all the supplies into each box. But for now i'm off to get a couple hours stitching in on politics/religion before I have to get ready for work. I'll try to share a pic of my progress on it soon. Happy stitching!

Christmas Decorations

I only ended up putting like half my Christmas decorations up this year... it still seems like too much shoved into one little space lol. I'll take a straight one of the tree tonight.