Thursday, January 21, 2010

More projects!

I just couldn't help myself. Yesterday I went shopping for a new iron and went to the craft store (cuz I had a 50% off coupon) but they had nothing in stock! But they had their clearance fabrics 50% off so I got these two and figured i'll make my own shopping bags. (John broke the handle on one of ours while we were out getting groceries yesterday too)
Also back when I was trying to find a pattern for my purse I went looking through all the pattern books at the store. And I found this one
I thought it would work pretty good but it was $18. Which I think is just a bit too much for a pattern!!! But guess what... they had a sale! LOL it was only 99 cents!! I should of went through more of the pattern book and bought more patterns they were all that price. So I got the fabric on sale and the pattern on sale.... but I still have a 50% off coupon.... hmmmmm what to else should I buy. Of course I went in the stitching section and found this.
I thought she was so pretty. And I usually don't buy kits. But at half off this was a really decent buy.

Sadly I still really haven't started any projects. I need to get my butt off the computer and start something! I really should start that Greek one for John's Uncle. Oh I did get my container for the TU SAL I promise i'll have stuff in it by the 14th so I can get a picture of it!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goodies and Purse update

Well I was slightly dumb and forgot to wash my fabrics for the purse. So mom and I figured out the pattern (in newspaper) and I've got instructions on what I need to do so we can move on from there. While I was there my mom asked me if I had a sewing box... No but I've been looking at them at the craft store lately. So she asked me if I wanted a hand me down one from my Great Grandma. Well of course!!! It does need a bit of work... some cleaning and a new clasp and it will be great.

Also she had a big square frame (thanks Yoyo) from when she use to do embroidery on pillows and stuff so she gave me that. (total score! I only have little hoops)

Then she also gave me some fabric to take a stab at making my own quilt! I got so excited. I've wanted to make one for awhile. I'm going to make me a couch size one cuz the blanket I use on my couch now is little and thin so I want something a bigger and heavier. So i'm planning on starting that soon. It's some really pretty fabric. The yellow has just little hearts on it. And the blue and pink have swirly hearts and the last has butterflies and glitter.

Oh and also since I haven't gotten a chance to post this pic here is the blue fabric I dyed. I haven't been able to start stitching on it either. Hopefully really soon.

Hmmmm I'm starting to think I've got too many projects going on in my mind... I need to go start working on one!