Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goodies and Purse update

Well I was slightly dumb and forgot to wash my fabrics for the purse. So mom and I figured out the pattern (in newspaper) and I've got instructions on what I need to do so we can move on from there. While I was there my mom asked me if I had a sewing box... No but I've been looking at them at the craft store lately. So she asked me if I wanted a hand me down one from my Great Grandma. Well of course!!! It does need a bit of work... some cleaning and a new clasp and it will be great.

Also she had a big square frame (thanks Yoyo) from when she use to do embroidery on pillows and stuff so she gave me that. (total score! I only have little hoops)

Then she also gave me some fabric to take a stab at making my own quilt! I got so excited. I've wanted to make one for awhile. I'm going to make me a couch size one cuz the blanket I use on my couch now is little and thin so I want something a bigger and heavier. So i'm planning on starting that soon. It's some really pretty fabric. The yellow has just little hearts on it. And the blue and pink have swirly hearts and the last has butterflies and glitter.

Oh and also since I haven't gotten a chance to post this pic here is the blue fabric I dyed. I haven't been able to start stitching on it either. Hopefully really soon.

Hmmmm I'm starting to think I've got too many projects going on in my mind... I need to go start working on one!


Emily said...

Just a few too many project :) but you'll get them all done :)

Topcho said...

Wow, the box is so beautiful! It's really cool to inherit such stuff :D The fabric you dyed came really pretty too! And I'm sure you'll get all your projects done ^w^

Yoyo said...

Love your dyed fabric, and it's so nice that you can inherit something like that from your ancestors.

The "big square loom" you got is not a loom. A loom is one of those frames on which you "weave" threads to make fabric. This is called a "scroll frame". You attach your fabric to it and stitch on the fabric that you made on your loom (LOL). Might as well learn terminology while you are young, he he he.

Dawn said...

I have one of those square loom things... I used it for a bit but it was too big and hard to stitch with with my wrist/thumb problems. So I got it out today and I'm going to use the scroll bars with my table stand-- just have to make some changes to it. I need to put screws into the ends that will fit into my stand!! So the cost of new bars will be less then buying new ones!! Bonus is I can work on 1 huge project and 1 smaller one at the same time. The Bleach sampler is driving me crazy now!!!!