Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Here we come

I just can not believe that this year is almost over. I see that a lot of people are making their resolutions. I have three. One to have fun with my stitching this year (I reasonably think this one can be achieved)!

Second is to try and post more comments on peoples blogs. I read every post but for some reason feel intimidated when it comes to posting a comment.

And my third one is to try to exercise. Even if it's once a week its a start. John also wants me to start eating like he does... but haha like that will ever happen! I love my food too much. Well I guess I won't see ya til next year! Happy New Years!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday SAL

Holy cow... is it really Wednesday? Am I actually posting this on the correct day?!? Lol it feels wrong. After being threatened last week that if I didn't put at least one stitch in I was going to be beaten with a wet noodles I decided maybe I should work a little bit on my SAL. I hope this satisfies Crystal. LOL.

I have managed to get a nice chunk of it done, and I would of gotten more of it worked on yesterday but I stopped at my LNS and picked up some fabric for the Crazy 15 and then ran into work and bought some floss. So I spent last night trying to get organized so I can start on the 1st.

I also forgot with all the Christmas chaos to show you my first ever over 2. I'm very proud of myself. I'm not sure if its stitched on linen or evenweave. I got a couple grab bags from 123stitch and this was a piece out of that. It's a freebie design from the Sanman board. Maybe next year i'll have to sneak in another project to try stitching something a bit bigger on some linen & evenweave.

Alright well i'm off to stitch some on the SAL and watch some movies today. I hope can I just relax with stitching & movies all day, but we might take our tree down today.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Just keeping in theme

Lol I know I was suppose to draw the winners yesterday. But I thought i'd keep in the theme of being behind. Actually I ended up working extra hours last night at work and was tired when I got home.So first off before I announce who the winners are i'd like to welcome all my new followers and thank everyone for entering. I've never had this many entries. 41 of you all together!

So I had John draw the names...

Drum roll please...

1st place goes to... Dogmom Diva

and 2nd place is... CalamityJr

Congrats! Send me your snail mail info soon so I can mail you your winnings. Thanks again everyone for entering!