Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Here we come

I just can not believe that this year is almost over. I see that a lot of people are making their resolutions. I have three. One to have fun with my stitching this year (I reasonably think this one can be achieved)!

Second is to try and post more comments on peoples blogs. I read every post but for some reason feel intimidated when it comes to posting a comment.

And my third one is to try to exercise. Even if it's once a week its a start. John also wants me to start eating like he does... but haha like that will ever happen! I love my food too much. Well I guess I won't see ya til next year! Happy New Years!



gracie said...

Good resolutions....sending good wishes for the new year from my home to yours.....see you in 2011 for the start of the Crazies!

Topcho said...

Those are definitely the most important resolutions! To have fun and be healthy :D Best of luck in the new year!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year and best of luck with the Crazy January Challenge (I'm taking part too).

Erik D Shipley said...

You can post anything you want anytime you want on my blog. Happy new Year!!!