Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another new idea

Lately I can't seem to just get anything done. I keep getting ideas for other things and I have to try them out! We go to this discount store out on a farm here. They have some outdated stuff thats actually still really good. This one isle in the place is freaking all candy! Drives me nuts that my dad always has to dig around even though he's diabetic and shouldn't be eating any of it. So I always sit and fight with myself not to pick out candy bars! But the last time they had a huge box of mints. I remember seeing people make things out of Altoids boxes, and thought to myself these would make cute pill boxes for one to carry in their purse or even reuse them as mint boxes. So I grabbed a couple. I got a blue, green, red, and an orange one. So last night I decided to see if I could figure out how to do this. I was up til 1am trying to get it finished. Sometimes I can't stand going to bed til something is done! I don't think it turned out too badly either. I'm going to give it to my mom today when we meet her for lunch in a couple hours. Hopefully she can use it.
Bottom -

Side -

Top -

On another note... we are heading to New York on the 29th to spend Easter with John's family. I'm so excited! I made him promise we could go back to Times Square and this time go to Central Park and see the Statue of Liberty since last couple times I visited him (before he moved here) we didn't get to go, and my pictures got deleted of Time Square. Also I looked into museums we could go to. I've decided the Museum of Natural History. I'm so excited.... wait I already said that. LOL. His mom also wants me to go to church with her. John's family is Greek. So this should be fun I've never been to a Greek Orthodox Church. I've got to go shopping for a black skirt today while we are in town. Wish me luck!

Edit 7:10 p.m. My mom absolutely loved the little box! She dumped her pills out of the bottle she had them in as soon as I gave it to her.


Topcho said...

That box turned so cute and sire gives Easter feeling already! :D Spend a nice Easter too - your plans sound like fun!

Amy said...

That box is really cute. I love to use stuff that is around.

I would love your Jerk Chicken recipe. I am so sick of pork chops, roasts, meatloaf, and spagetti.

Have a blessed day.

Nick said...

Thats a really cool way to reuse a mint container, it turned out very nice!

I also like the Pooh Map in your WIP slideshow, I am a big Disney fan.

Amy said...

Thanks for the Jerk Chicken recipe. It sounds good. I will have to try it.

Dawn said...

My hubby is a diabetic too.
I keep nagging him about it... but I got tired of it!! LOL!!