Monday, March 15, 2010


Well I almost forgot that today was the TUSAL. Thanks Amy! I really haven't done too much stitching. I did manage to finish L... but now I can't seem to remember where I put him. So i'll post the finished picture of him later. Also I finished a bit more on "The Dog did it". Other than that I have been doing some other crafty things for Easter prezzies so I can't show you them yet! So the countdown to New York begins. Two weeks today. I can't wait while John doesn't even want to think about it. (he doesn't want to fly) Well hope you all get some stitching time in today. And if your part of the TUSAL don't forget to post your picture! :)


Dawn said...

You will get the energy to stitch again!! :)

Amy said...

The only reason I remembered, was I saw someone else post their's yesterday!!!

I need to get going and get some stitching done. I think I had a case of startitis!!! And I think I started one too many.

Have a wonderful day.

Nick said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! I would love to finish the backstitching on the Pooh map, I am one of the odd ones out that actually really enjoys backstitching. Just e-mail me and I will send my address and $ for the postage! Nick (