Friday, January 1, 2010

Soda Purse pt. 1

So I decided to go with....

I went to the store on Wednesday to pick up my threads and they were missing three! So I had to go to another store to get the other three. While I was at the first store I pick up some cute black wooden handles from a cute company called Purse n-alizeit! and some magnet claps to use.

I had forgotten a picture of the pattern or I would of also picked out some fabric for the purse. But I figured i'd get to stitching the pattern and get the fabric at a later date. I also picked up some new plastic bobbin things and the number stickers to go on them. So I got home and had some fun putting the stickers on the bobbins and winding my thread on them. (Does anyone else hate doing this part?) So then I got down to the dirty part. Counting out my fabric. I've always been a counter I don't like to guesstimate and then have lots of extra or not enough fabric. I did add an extra 50 squares all around so I'd have enough room to play with when it came time to stitch it in the bag. Then I decided it might be easier to do this pattern if I did the grid lines. So then finally last night while I was watching the Dick Clark Rocking New Years Eve show on tv (Happy New Year everyone!) I got to finally get some actually stitching done.

It hasn't progressed too far yet. I'm hoping to get some more done today. Wish me luck!

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