Monday, July 12, 2010

a Finish?

Yes I finally! finished Butterflies and Blossoms.

The backstitching kicked me in the butt again. I don't understand how some backstitching I have no problem with and fly through it and others just drive me up the wall. Oh well... now onto a secret project I am hoping to have done by November. But i'm already flying through it so I might take a break here and there and work on something else too.

I stopped at Michael's the other day and they had grab bags for $2. I peeked in and saw a bunch of ribbons so I grabbed one. When I got home and looked through it I found some pretty ribbons. Just the spools have been ripped or torn off. But for $2 who's complaining?

Also here is my TUSAL jar. Not too much added this month. My left overs from the B&B and my new project.


Nick said...

Butterflies and Blossoms look great! Was the kit by Dimensions? I've noticed sometimes they have odd backstitching, and sometimes its hard to tell on their charts where the next line starts & ends, if that makes sense.

Kttycat said...

Yes it was a Dimension and yes that does make sense. I'll have to see if another dimensions does the same thing of making me want to pull my hair out!

missy-tannenbaum said...

Your kit looks really nicely done, and I understand what you mean about backstitching! It seems to be especially bad with fancier kits, though it should be the other way around. ^^;

Marcy said...

What a lovely finish. That is such a pretty pattern and the backstitching makes it pop but I agree, sometimes bs-ing can be a royal pain.

natalyK said...

Great finish. The back stitching on butterflies can be especially taxing but how else would you get that beautiful detailing.