Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Christmas in July!

So yesterday I had a me day and did my secret obsession... well its not really all that secret! I watched Disney movies all day. I love anything Disney. But while I sat and watched a few movies. I stitched on Emily's Ladybugs. It's coming along really nicely. Except in certain spots the thread got all messed up with the painted fabric or the hole didn't get put in right so the x is a little off. But you can't tell too easily.

So after my first movie I decided I wanted to make a nice dinner. It was nice and cool yesterday for a change and I decided to make John's favorite dessert. Flan! I usually make it homemade but we picked up the Jello brand package to try out... I still prefer my homemade version. But after I finished making that I decided i'd cook the squash we picked up a couple weeks ago at the farmers market. And then it turned into a huge dinner! I ended up making chicken, mashed taters, gravy, stuffing, squash, biscuits, and of course the flan. John kept saying its a great Christmas dinner and I laughed and said its Christmas Eve in July.

So then after dinner I was kinda tired of stitching on the ladybugs so I decided since it was Christmas eve i'll make John a Christmas ornament. I haven't gotten too far on it. I'm going to stitch more on it today.

Well i'm off to work on the ornament and watch some t.v.

Happy stitching!


Emily said...

Happy Christmas!!!! I love my ladybugs!!! **hugs**

BSOTF said...

Happy Christmas to you too. At our house Disney movies play all the time. So don't feel bad about that. Your work is beautiful! Your lady bug is really lovely. Plus your husband's ornament is cute too.

Topcho said...

Lol, I guess I should say merry Christmas too! All this makes me wanna do something Christmas-y too, lol :D. All the stitching look so cute!
I've been watching Disney moview this whole week too - I missed quite many! Though sometimes I mess up and I'm not sure if it's Disney movie, or Pixar, or Dreamworks...