Sunday, July 18, 2010


Remember awhile ago me ranting over a strawberry Italian ice I had made? How great it was? Well it taste horrible in comparison to the pineapple version!

I've been dying to bake/cook something lately. It's just been way to freaking hot here to turn the oven on. So last night my dad was trying to figure out something he could take to his school picnic today. (It's a reunion for the entire small school he went to, which is now a museum that he volunteers at.) I volunteered to make a cheesecake for him to take. I also decided since we cut up a pineapple yesterday to make the Italian ice also.

Here is my completely sugar free (well Splenda) made cheesecake with homemade blueberry sauce. Yummy Yummy!

I also made a smaller cheesecake for John and me to have today.

I was also extremely bad yesterday. I started another new project. So I've got the Tiger.... the secret project... Emily's ladybugs... and now

I decided I really want to try to make one of these. I've gotten one side done minus the beads.

I did change the colors and i'm using white aida. But i'm thinking it looks good so far and it's just for me to try to make one and see if I like it. Well i'm off to start the other side.

Happy stitching!


natalyK said...

Looks great! You well on your way to making your pincushion.

Crystal said...

Looks great so far, I have this on my to do pile

missy-tannenbaum said...

Your stitching is really pretty, and the pineapple Italian ice sounds so good! It sort of makes me thirsty, but that's not very logical. ^^;

Topcho said...

It looks awesome so far! ^^