Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Packages have arrived!

Yay some of my packages have arrived so I can share with you all. If you remember I talked about the SanMan message board doing a Halloween sock giveaway. Well here is what I sent to my partner.

She says it was perfect. Pumpkins are her favorite Halloween thing. They also did a Wish List of 13 things you wanted to wish for. I fulfilled one persons wish for a scissor fob. I have never stitch my charms before it was fun to do it this way.

Also a very long time ago (like a few months) John's mom called and teased me that Alexis (John's little cousin) was upset because I've stitched something for everyone in the family except her. Well I of course had to fix that but her birthday wasn't until this month. So I've kept it! I just sent it out the same day as the other packages and she received it yesterday but she was staying at her dad's so she is suppose to be opening it after school today. But I figured i'll post the pics now.

The pattern of the cat is by Gloria & Pat but I changed the colors dramatically! I designed her name, and painted the frame to go with it. I also got her a bunch of just little whatevers to have fun with. A ribbon dancer, a stain glass window thing that you paint, Spongebob with some candy, a paint by number, beads to make a necklace, and some wall art stickers. Hope she likes it all.

Well Eleni is suppose to find out when her surgery is going to be on her back. So we will be going to New York for a couple weeks sometime soon. Please send prayers because this surgery can go either way and she is really nervous about it.

Well i'm off to work on my Halloween giveaway stiches.

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