Friday, October 29, 2010

To Grandma's House we go

So on Wednesday we went to my Grandma & Grandpa's house. Dad & John needed to help my Grandpa with his sliding glass door. It wasn't shutting and locking properly. And Grandma and I talked crafts. She has decided to try cross stitching. She picked up some really cute lavender & lace patterns at a garage sale and gave me a couple awhile back. She also showed me her newest egg... yes egg. My Grandma makes the most gorgeous delicate eggs. She uses Ostrich, chicken, robin, emu, and a bunch of others that I can't think of the names right now. She makes some really pretty things with them. Her newest one is a girl in a dress. I think it is one of my favorites she has done. The dress is all made out of egg shells and the umbrella is too. She glued all the little beads by hand and cut and trimmed all the green parts of the dress. Well instead of me trying to sit here and describe it I should just show you. I put together a slide show of a lot of her eggs so you can see how talented she is. (If you want you can go to my photobucket account and see bigger pictures by clicking on the slideshow)

I've also (with her help) made a few myself. I'm thinking of trying my hand at making another one someday soon. Also my Grandma picked up some things for me while she was garage saleing this summer. This really cute kit...

and some floss...( which I've managed to get one box added to my collection the rest is being sent to Emily :P )

She also had bought some cheapy floss at a store and she was going to throw it away. But I use them for bracelets and other odds and ends so I got a box stuffed full of assorted colors.

Well i'm off to go stitch a brittercup pattern to make John a cute pillow. Hopefully i'll have some progress to show you tomorrow. Happy Stitching!


Cath said...

Wow , beautiful eggs. Enjoy your stash . x

Emily said...

wow ... those eggs are beautiful!!! You're grandma is very talented!!

YAY!!! I didn't expect to get the extra floss!! Yay!!!!

I'll have to show you the "hand towel" I'm doing for my MIL later on after the football game!!

Love ya!!