Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Restful day

Today I just plan on resting. I might start on a new cross stitch project. But anyways today i'll share with you some of the secret things I've been work on. First Happy Birthday to my mom today. (I gave her the presents on Sunday when we went to the airport.)

I saw on Angela's blog a way to finish a stitch into something called a stitcher's box. So I decided to make my mom one.

The inside...

I also stitched a biscornu, made her a scissor fob, and some handmade pins. The plate is done with some rub ons. The pattern on the top of the box is something I designed. I just looked at a quilt book my mom had lent me and designed some quilt squares.(**Edited to add the L in quilt** lol) And her favorite color is blue so I went with a blue theme with everything.

One of the other secret things I've been stitching was for Eleni to take with her to the hospital. So she could have it on her table and know that we are with her even though we couldn't stay longer.

This was my first Tatty Teddy... I love the patterns but I don't think i'm ever going to jump on another pattern unless it just absolutely screams 'stitch me'. They have the backstitching that I just can't stand! I ended up just kinda doing whatever felt good for the fur backstitching around him. I think he turned out alright though.

I also made her a beautiful necklace and she just absolutely loved it! And John picked out a pretty E necklace with matching earrings and a breast cancer key chain.

Alright i'm off to rest. I hate after I fly my ears continue to pop for a couple days and I feel all wonky. Like I have vertigo or something. So if this post seems scrambled and doesn't' flow well... I'm sorry. I'm off to curl up and watch some t.v. and start stitching a project for mom's co-worker. Tomorrow i'll share my NY pictures.


Parsley said...

Welcome back. What fun gifties you made and <<<<>>>I got a surprise today. I almost cried, seriously.



demeter83 said...

I did a Tatty Ted a few months back as a christening present, and it absolutely drove me mad with the back stitch, I can't imagine a situation where I'd look at another Tatty Ted kit and think 'that's what I want to stitch next'

Yours looks fabulous though, much less fudged than mine was, and beautifully made up!

Shelleen said...

I love the blue box!

Patty C. said...

It all looks lovely - You did a great job with the finishing :)