Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something I can share

Still busy stitching some gifts. I'll be able to share them with you soon. This Sunday we are flying to New York for John's mother's surgery. She has to have a lumber spinal fusion done on Monday. So we are just going to be there for her surgery and the day after we fly home. I wish we could stay longer but I finally got a job! I start working at Michaels on Thursday. I'm so happy! I'm getting sick of having nothing to do. Not that i'm complaining I love stitching all day. But I need something else to do with my time.

So onto what I can share. I ordered (a couple weeks ago) some cute 'made with love' charms on eBay. They never came. So I ordered some more. Yesterday I received the one package then today I got some more.... hmmm. Screwy mail. They are just so cute! I plan on attaching them to the Christmas ornament's I've been making.

Well i'm off to go play a video game for a little bit and try to read some more of my book today. And of course stitch!

Happy stitching!


Denise said...

Yeah for you! You got a job! And at a store that sells crafts. This would be a bad thing for me. ;0)

Your charms are too cute!
Smiles - Denise

gracie said...

We will be working for competitors! I work PT for JoAnn's...I like the charms.....good thought for John's mom....safe journey for you both.

Crystal said...

I love the charms they are super cute. Congrats again on the job. Will be keeping John's Mom in my prayers for her surgery. Wishing you a safe journey as well.

Shelleen said...

working at a craft store would make me spend my whole check there. So what video game were you playing and what book are you reading?