Thursday, December 23, 2010

Missed Wednesday again!

I've just been so busy that it totally slipped my mind that yesterday was Wednesday. Sadly I haven't been able to even put one stitch in on my Christmas SAL. So you will all have to wait another week to see if I manage any progress. I am happy to say that I have only 3 more ornaments to finish up. All thats left to do with them is stitch the fronts to the backs. So fingers crossed i'll get them done today. I also plan on getting a big amount of my Christmas baking done today. Well i'm off to attempt to get those ornaments done. (Plan on posting pictures of them all later today if I get them done!)


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Cat Sweetie...
Oh I love Snoopy and Woodstock. They are my favs. Love Charlie Brown Christmas this time of year, I could watch it over and over and never grow tired of it.

Stitch is a hoot as well. With 8 grandkids we watch lots of movies. They so love Disney and the specials.

Hope you have a beautiful day sweetie. Don't work to hard now.

Many hugs. Love, Sherry

Wendy said...

Look out Cat because I think there is a wet noodle with our names on it coming from Crystal. You are not the only one who didn't get even one stitch on their Christmas project. Have a Merry Christmas and watch out for that noodle, LOL.