Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well I haven't stitched much lately. I'm sadly addicted to mmorpgs like World of Warcraft. It's sad I know. lol I had quit playing for a few months and I just started back up again so less stitching time now. I'm still trying to stitch at least every other day. I feel cranky if I don't get any stitching time in. So anyways I did get the handmade tag done. The kitty is sooo cute!
Also I managed to sew the inside pocket up for my purse. I go back over to my mom's on Monday night to work on the purse some more.

As you can see i'm not the greatest at sewing with a machine! Hopefully though you wont be able to tell too much when the purse is complete.
So now I need something new to stitch! I thought about starting that angel I bought but i'm not much in an angel mood (nor a very complex pattern mood). I asked some stitching friends over at 1337 if they could make me a big stitching project of Tohru & Yuki. So until that gets complete I think ill stitch up a little mojo project of L from Death Note for John. He loved that anime.


Emily said...

the "handmade" tag is sooo cute .. and I love the material for the purse !!!

Dawn said...

Cute cat!!! :)
I done a Big L(for my sons anime quilt) and the Little L version on a tshirt for my son!! The big L stitches up quickly!! :)

Topcho said...

The tag is so cuuute!!! The kitty even looks like the one from your avatar :D
I'm not into mmporg games, but lately I've been hopelessly addicted to small seaching and arcade games, so I know the feeling XD They kill the stitching tiiime XP