Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Purse & Greek Update

Well first off the Greek flag arrived today in NY and they loved it. So i'm happy about that. Second I went to moms again and worked on my purse. It's coming along nicely. Not too much left to do but put it all together really. Everyone keeps saying "your not done yet?" LoL my mom's boyfriend told her today man with as much as she is spending in gas to come over she could of bought 10 purses. My mom responded with you know what them commercials say "time spent with a mother. Priceless!" I thought that was cute. But we are going to see a movie on sat can't wait. And then Monday work on the purse again. My mom has to take pictures to show some of her co-workers because she keeps bragging about the purse. So as soon as she takes them ill post pictures on here of it. On other stitching news I've gotten just a bit done on L. His colors are so drab (mainly browns and grays) they are making me depressed. So i'm moving along slowly with him. Also i'm trying to create a pattern but i'm having issues doing the words that I want in a stitching font I really like. Awhile ago on one of the forums i'm on someone posted a cute poem about starting new projects and I mentioned that it would be cute stitched up. So thats what i'm trying to do. I really just need to break down and buy PC stitch pro. I've got a great border picked out and i'm going to use variegated purple and metallic purple threads. And i'm going to put purple beads in it also. LoL I don't like purple do I? Well I think I've rambled enough tonight.


Topcho said...

Can't wait to see the photos ;D and the answer your mother gave is just awesome!

Dawn said...

There is a free KG charting software you might want to try!
I don't know too much about since it isn't what I use!! Lots of people say is ok for freeware!! :)

Kttycat said...

Yea I got it but I will have to draw out each letter. I found out that PC stitch pro you can create alphabets and then just type out what you want so I wouldn't have to make every letter just one of each.