Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Been quiet but have been stitching loudly!

First off the title... I haven't really felt like posting anything lately. I get up in the morning and read everyone's posts but then just don't feel like posting myself. Eleni (John's mom) has been asking what I've been working on. She tells me to hurry up and post so she can see my beautiful things.

So on the 10th was Emily's daughter's 13th birthday! I've known this kid since she was 4. They grow up so fast. So as her birthday prezzie I designed a pattern and stitched it up, painted a frame and now I have to get it mailed out.

I think it turned out really cute. So I've decided to share the pattern also.

I have also started stitching my ornaments I've gotten 4 1/2 stitched up so far. These two are from Lizzie Kate

This penguin is from Paw Printings. He's not completely done yet but I can't seem to find any of my shimmery floss to do the border I have in mind.

These two are designed by Daffycat. I found this pattern so cute I decided to do two of them and switch the red and green and I think they will be cute put back to back as an ornament.

And the 1/2 one is an idea my dad gave me so i'm trying that and hopefully it will turn out cute. It's plastic and i'm going to make it into a cube.

So there you have it. What I've been working on this past week. Hope you are all getting stitchy time in.


Dawn said...

Cool skull!!
My niece would love this!! :)

Topcho said...

Great work on all of them!

Emily said...

Yay!! She'll be so happy when she gets it .... *closes screen quickly so she doesn't see*

Love you!!!

Daffycat said...

Awesome finishes! Your freebie is really fun!

Thank you for stitching one of my designs! I LOVE how you used beads in the border ~ great stitching!

Blu said...

Great stitching.
Your freebie is really cute.

Marcy said...

Love the freebie -- thanks for sharing it!

~Sophisticate Style ~ said...

Love the skull and cross bones pattern. it's adorable.