Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sadly i'm sitting here in misery. Day before yesterday John and I rearranged the bedroom and my allergies went insane! So I delt with the sneezing runny eyes all day. Then yesterday we go into town to do errands and things and i'm still going crazy with they watery eyes and sneezing. So when we stopped to get gas in the truck, I got a claritin d and we ended up just coming home without doing anything. I preceded to crawl into bed and knocked out til like 9. Then I woke up and read some of my book and then went right back to sleep. Today I wake up and I feel better and worse. It's officially a cold and not allergies. But I have to suck it up and do my errands today. At least I can somewhat breathe!

Anyways enough about me being sick. A few days ago I made a trip to JoAnn's and picked up a bunch of things. Sadly all I have right now is my cell phone camera. Mom took her camera to Texas. I should have it back in a week or so. So since I have no signal to send the picture I took with my phone i'll just have to tell you what I picked up. I got some new fabric to stitch on, 2 whites and a light green to do my Halloween project I finally decided on. Which I'm planning to start on the 1st, but I have to finish Nemo first. Then I got the floss for my Halloween project, some really cute reindeer buttons. I also picked up a round knitting loom. I'm going to take a stab at making a scarf for someone for Christmas. I got some dark blue yarn for the scarf and a container to put the ball of yarn in. I picked up a loom knitting book from the library and now I just need to sit down and see if I can figure out how to do it. I've always wanted to learn to knit but haven't gotten around to it. One of my errands to do today is to go back to JoAnn's and pick up a few more things that I forgot last time to use in finishing my Christmas ornaments.

Well i'm off
have a nice day


Crystal said...

Sounds like you got some awesome stash. Hope your cold gets better soon, being sick is horrible.

Denise said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I hate colds etc! They just wear you down! On the other hand - your stash sounds great!

Smiles - Denise

Topcho said...

Poor thing, it sounds horrible! Hope you'll feel better soon! *big virtual teddy hug*
That new stash sounds exciting! I learnt to knit before I learnt to stitch - well only the basics, but it's fun! I used the book "Knitting for dummies"to learn, lol! XD

Parsley said...

I really get this. Allergies should be my middle name! I have had luck with nasal steroid spray. Talk to your Doc.

Emily said...

Feel better soon sweetie!!! Miss you bunches!!