Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TUSAL & another ornament

Well it's that time of the month again! TUSAL!!! Here is my updated jar. A lot of greens, reds, and yellows from doing the Christmas ornaments.

I have kinda been in a slump and haven't been stitching too much. I think i'm just getting so frustrated with trying to use the linen I got. I'm just honestly not liking it so far. Can anyone give me any tips for stitching on it? I think I just pull too tight and I keep screwing up my counting. It hasn't helped that I've been having some killer headaches this past week either. I think it's because of the weather.

I have gotten one ornament finished that I had started before I got the linen. The words are done by Follow the Leader Designs, but I added the buttons and the border. On the chart they had Christmas in red but I made it all green.

Does anyone know of any cute Christmas needle rolls? I'd like to try and make one. They look like they could be fun.

On a personal note, please send prayers to John's mom. She is having issues with her breast cancer again. And could really use some healing thoughts sent her way. Thank you! Hopefully we will be able to go visit her for Halloween. Now i'm off to the library to return some books & movies.

Happy stitching!


Dawn said...

You should do a personal design for your needle roll!! :)
They are pretty easy to make up too!!
Might help to to get into a stitching mood again!! :)

Topcho said...

I hope John's mother will be fine! A big dose of healing thoughts is on the way!

Marcy said...

Linen isn't my favorite thing to stitch on either. It definitely makes it harder when you have a headache. I'm not sure I have any good advise for you -- sorry.

Blu said...

The only advice I have is the rather useless "don't pull to tight" Not at all helpful!
Very pretty finish.
Prayers headed John's mum's way.

tealee said...

I love it cat great job.