Friday, October 22, 2010

And the winners are....

Gracie & Parlsey! I have contacted you both and am patiently waiting for your emails. I do want to tell everyone I'm sorry that this was posted today. Yesterday was just one of them days.

Today I also received my giveaway that I won from Riona. It's some really cute patterns. Thanks!

I also received from a SanMan friend some fall floss aren't they just so pretty. She also included some cute fall buttons. Now to find something to stitch with it all.

I hope you all have taken some time to check out the online needlework show. I know I found some new stuff to add to my wish list (only 56 new patterns LOL). I got so excited when I found a couple of Otter patterns. Otters are my favorite animals and I had no clue there were any otter patterns. So this one my Katy Did It is at the top of my new wish list.

Well i'm off to hopefully stitch or knit. Hope everyone has a great fall day.


Parsley said...

Oh WOW! How fun! I'll email you. THANKS!

Emily said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

Tama said...

Ooo, you got some nice goodies!
Thought I would say - Gloria & Pat's 'Endanger Young'uns' has otter patterns, VERY cute! They're OOP but show up on eBay for reasonable prices.