Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A broken needle!

I can't believe it I broke a needle on my sewing machine! I was sewing away madly and it just snapped! Think thats a first for me and my sewing machine. But I suppose I should show you what I was sewing.

First up is an Ipod case for Johns little sister. She saw the one that I made and asked me to make her one in a dark blue. I just love the fabric that John found for it.

Then I finally made myself sit down and try some finish finishing techniques. I actually had a lot of fun with them! First my favorite. John picked out this pattern with his love of all things Cat (smile). It was an easy stitch and I took out the mouth I didn't like how it was on the pattern so I just skipped it but I think it just looks too cute! The fabric thats on the back is a velvet and leather (it said it was leather but feels very silky almost but heavy like leather). It just feels so awesome! As always we are are own worst critiques so I have to critique myself. Critic point: I can see glue everywhere and I had a little trouble lining up the cording just right on the sides.

My second favorite of my finishes is this one! The pattern is a freebie from Kreinik. I changed the colors dramatically. And I just fell in love with this fabric. The ghosts have glitter on them. I even made the cute pins at the top. Critic point: I am a little upset with my ribbon on the top it just doesn't look right to me.

And the third one I did is a little stuff Ghost with beads. I think it turned out pretty cute. Critic point: I wish I had stuffed him a little better and I just always hate where I have to sew it shut. Anyone have any helpful tips on this?

And now that most of the leaves have changed and are covering our yards I finally got a picture of my road. You've seen other season so I have to share my favorite one with you.

It's funny that almost all the trees in my yard are bare but most of the trees on the road are still green. Well i'm off to stitch on an exchange. Should be my last thing. I need to get back to my Christmas ornaments. :D

Happy Stitching!

Edit: Can't believe I forgot one of the important things! The two ghost finishes are going into my giveaway! So if you haven't entered yet make sure you do. I will be drawing a name on Thursday. You have til the end of Wednesday to enter. Good luck!


Denise said...

Seriously, we are our own worst critics! Your finishes look wonderful.

My parents live across the road from me - most of my trees are colorful or bare - their trees are green.

Smiles - Denise

Deborah said...

Wonderful finishes. The finishing looks great, so don't be so hard onm yourself.

Crystal said...

Your finishes look awesome for your first finishes. I love the pumpkin kitty, its my favorite.

Blu said...

Your finishes look great! We are definitely our own worst critics.

Shelleen said...

Love all the finishes. The Ipod cover is cute as well.