Friday, January 28, 2011

no sleep! & a hidden giveaway

First off why I got no sleep! For the life of me I had the most trouble falling asleep last night. Once I finally did the phone rang. It was 4 in the morning. My cousin Scott was calling to tell us the cops were checking out our garage. I guess some guys broke into the restaurant (by their house) and now were hiding in our garage. As soon as I put the phone down in a half sleep funk the spotlights came on and shown right on me! So I got up and went downstairs to talk to dad about what was going on. They were out there for over an hour! And the craziest/stupidest thing is not one cop came to tell us what was going on. They just tramped all over our property. Dad said for all they (the cops) know the people could of been holding us hostage and they would of never know. I'm so ready for a nap!

Anyways onto a hidden giveaway...
I decided while I was stitching the valentines ornament the other day that I would make it a hidden giveaway! So thanks everyone for commenting on my post!

Congrats Parsley! I'll get it out to you in the mail real soon!

I've also decided that i'd like to do RAKs so if you'd ever like to recieve a RAK from me send me your address. (curiouskttycat at yahoo dot com) I'm going to try to send at least one thing to everyone that sends me their address.

So yesterday I sat and did some finishing. I will have to get some pictures before I send some of it away. After dinner I sat and made a couple of my scissor fobs for my giveaway and swap partners. Have some errands to do today but hopefully I can get some stitching time in later tonight. Alright off to wake my butt up some more so I can get my errands done! Happy Stitching!



Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so glad you guys are okay. I hope your able to get some much needed sleep tonight.

Congratulations to Parsley!

Parsley said...

WOW! Really?? Gee..THANKS!!! I feel so special and lucky!

As you saw on my blog I didn't sleep much last night either. Mine wasn't so dramatic as yours. Gee...the cops should have thought that over a little it seems.

Anyway...try to get some rest...and THANKS again for the surprise!

missy-tannenbaum said...

Wow, that sounds like a terrifying experience! I'm glad it all worked out safely, but I would have been freaked out to have something like that happen in the middle of the night.

Also, this is a bit old-news-ish, but I found the WIP for the Fruits Basket pattern of Tohru and Yuki and think I've figured out how to get it done. Would you still like the chart?

Dogmom Diva said...

Congrats to Parsley!!

Cat, hope you get some sleep tonight..


Danielle said...

What a cool idea to do a hidden giveaway on comments. I think I may incorporate that sometime. I would love to be entered in your RAK. I will e-mail you my mailing address. Thanks!

Wendy said...

Wow your night is crazyer than mine. I couldn't sleep either but I know what the reason was. Hope we are both able to get some good sleep tonight.

Emily said...

Wow, another great showing by JPD ... good grief. I'd of called the police and filed a complaint that they didn't even bother to tell you what was going on!! AFTER ALL, it is PRIVATE PROPERTY!! What Idiots!! I'm glad you guys are ok ... I hope you get some rest tonight!!

Crystal said...

WOW sounds like you had a crazy night, hope you get some sleep tonight. Great idea you had for your giveaway and congrats to Parsley for winning.

gracie said...

What an experience! So glad that you are all okay..
Congrats to Parsely.

Nicola said...

Inquiring minds want to know....did they catch the fellows?
Get some sleep!