Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rust and Dust (lots of pics)

Busy Busy weekend here. I would of posted this yesterday but I was so tired! This weekend was the Rust and Dust days up at the Park. Which is just pretty much a tractor show.

On Saturday John and I helped volunteer. John got stuck up at the barn selling pop, water, coffee, and ice tea. I got put down by the tractor pulls selling popcorn, ice cream, and drinks. I love working in the popcorn truck. It use to sit in our yard and looked like crap. My dad donated it to the park and they fixed it up really nice. It's a 1923 Model T. Here is a picture of it from the outside (I forgot to take one on Saturday so this picture is actually from the 4th of July.)

And here is the inside. It's tiny and it gets really hot inside. They just added some vents into the top of the truck and it helped a lot!

I ended up going through 8 coffee cans full of kernels. That's a lot of bags of popcorn!

Dad did some branding of shingles for souvenirs. I think they look cool.

There was also a thrasher which is fun to watch but not too good to get close to if you have asthma!

There were a bunch of vendors and a blacksmith...

Horse plowing...

and a tractor ride. John and I got a chance to go on one of the last rides for the day.

Then John and I came home and crashed until 8pm when we then got up and went to my mom's for a bonfire. I just love bonfires. Hot dogs and s'mores on the fire! Yummy!!! It was Johns first ever bonfire and he had fun.

We were suppose to help at the park again on Saturday but I felt like crap. That popcorn machine beat the crap out of my arms (it gets stuck and you have to fight with it) and I was in a lot of pain. So John and I rested all day Sunday.

Yesterday we went into town and John spent his birthday money on some protein shakes and some PSP games. I went into JoAnn's and pick up some more floss for my Christmas ornaments and got the Halloween JCS magazine. Think I might take a break from Christmas ornaments and do a couple Halloween ones this month to hang up. I'd really like to get a little tree to hang my stitched ornaments on. Well i'm off to go watch some TV and try to stitch. My arms still hurt a little bit.


Topcho said...

Looks like you had fun! Great for you! :D

Dawn said...

I wish I had a tractor to cut my grass. I only have 5 acres but it would be so much faster to do!! :P

tealee said...

I wish I was there with you guys, miss you both so much.