Friday, October 8, 2010

Got the camera back!

As you can see I got the camera back. Yay! I've felt lost without it. I've taken pics of some of the things I've done but still can't share everything. I am heading to the post office tomorrow. I have a lot of things to be shipped out. As soon as I know people have received I will share with you. So now onto what I can share.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I picked up a knitting loom. I'm having fun with it so far. I guess I messed up on my first attempt. It got way too tight and I couldn't move to the next row. So i'm trying again and attempting not to pull it so tight. So far so good.

I am a member of the Sanman message board and they are doing a really cute sock swap. I received mine the other day aren't they just adorable? My swap partner also sent me a couple cute patterns that she was allowed to share with me. (The ones to my swap partner are going out tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to get to the post office in time.)

And lastly here is my TUSAL jar. It would have been on time but the camera on my phone doesn't take the greatest of pictures and I can never keep a signal long enough in this house to email it to myself.

Well I think thats enough for me tonight. I'm off to stitch something special. Tomorrow i'll be posting my Halloween giveaway.

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gracie said...

Hello, here it is my first visit to you and a contest! Well, I will post immediately to my blog about this for my favorite costume? When I was a little girl...eons ago...we did not buy costumes...we made them. I remember wearing a dress from my mom with many pins in it just so it would fit. and I got to wear her high heels! Can you picture this girl of eight clomping around the neighborhood dress like this??lol..Ah, the wonderful memories! Geez, I had not thought of this in so long...thank for prompting the memory.