Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sad but new stash!

I'm so upset. I went into that new (to me, I've been there a couple times now) store that carried a bunch of stitching things and she has decided to get rid of it all! She has stopped carrying all her stitching supplies. *cries* But on the happier side everything she had left was 40% off! So I picked up a few patterns.

But now i'm going to have to go to the meanie lady's store or just order my stuff online. *cries some more* I did get some other stash while I was in town yesterday too but i'm not going to show it yet. Some is for some swaps and i'm going to have a Halloween giveaway so keep an eye out.

On other news after I posted yesterday I noticed that Nemo wasn't actually finished! I missed backstitching on his front fin. So here he is finished I swear. LOL

Here is the blackwork kitty. I think he turned out awesome. I didn't do everything the chart had on it but I love how it looks like it is right now. I think I need to go back through and fill in the outside edges a little bit more though.

And after the kitty was finished I made this one.

Yesterday after I got home I started stitching some Halloween things finally! Yay me for finally doing something 'in season'.

Happy Stitching!


BSOTF said...

I'm sorry to hear that your store you liked getting your supplies from has stopped carring the supplies you use. Yes, I do know what you mean about getting everything off the net. For I live in a town that don't have any of this stuff or other stuff for crafts like quilting, sewing, cross stitching, tatting, crochetting, knitting or anything else. But you did get to get some stash. So yes, it's bitter sweet. I do understand what you mean.

Jennifer said...

I don't go to my LNS anymore either because of the mean ladies! The next closest store is on hour away (on a good traffic day). I don't look at it as a loss for me, but a loss for them. I'm still able to see all the newest stuff on the net and I can travel to a store to fondle fabric and floss whenever I desire.

Even though I can order through an online store, I still favor one that is "Brick & Mortar". My favorite one is The Attic in Mesa, AZ......which is on the other side of the US from where I live!

Best of luck if you decide to go to the "mean side".

Crystal said...

Sorry to hear about the closing of your store that you liked. I live in a town that doesn't have a LNS so its an hour drive to buy something or order online. On the plus side congrats on your new stash, that should keep you busy for awhile.

Amy said...

I don't live close to too many stitchy stores. So I have to buy online.

I hate to go somewhere where some one is rude or nasty. Had a quilt store like that back in Ohio. She went out of business.

Have a wonderful day.

BSOTF said...

Karma has a way of giving back what people give out. So if they are mean & nasty they get that back 80 folds. Which ends up with them hurting you short time but it slowly kills them in the long run in more ways then they expect & when they don't expect it too. When dealing with people like that, either stay clear of them or beat them with kindness. It's like ringing the devil's door bell & running..they can't handle it at all!

Mr Lonely said...
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Topcho said...

Both kitties are so cute!~And I hope you'll find a new nice place for your stitching supplies!

Marcy said...

Too bad about your store closing. I hope you can find another one. Love the blackwork kitty!

demeter83 said...

That's no fun about your local ship chick, hear breaking.

You asked me about Les Miserables, I have seen that film, but not for many years I'm afraid. I do remember uquite enjoying it when I saw it, but I'm afraid that's about as far as my memory on it is going. Worth a watch, not sure if I'd bother to buy it though!