Thursday, April 29, 2010

Michigan finish & Pears?

Well here is my Michigan finish. I'm actually not too happy with it but for my first time trying something like this, I guess it's not too bad. Where I stitched it close is my problem. I might end up redoing it.

I just kept getting super frustrated yesterday. I was trying to work with some interfacing and it just wont stick to the fabric. I'm pretty sure I got the iron kind. It came with the directions.... but still it doesn't want to work. I've even tried both sides! Guess i'll just have to pray that in the end it will do its purpose even if it's not ironed.

Oh yea I mentioned Pears. About 10 years ago our poor pear tree fell down. But guess what? It's still growing!! I took a couple pictures because I just love the blossoms.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


Amy said...

MMMMmmm love pears.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am just kind of down right now.

Have a wonderful day.

Topcho said...

I love your finish!
And the pear is beautiful too! (trying to remember an awesome quote from The Pillow Book about pear blossoms but fails XD) I like how it tastes too, lol - just had grea pear ice cream today!

Nick said...

The finish is great! I think finishing is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it, I also get frustrated sometimes when trying to finish off a piece.