Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new stitching store.

I'm not quite sure how I found this site but i'm thankful I did. I was surfing around yesterday and I found a cross stitching shop in my town that I didn't know about! So I just had to go check it out yesterday. I ended up finding a ton of things I wanted to buy but settled on just a few.

The ladies that worked there were so nice!!! The owner even gave me these for free!

I can't remember what the thread is called, Krenic or something along that line. The owner told me it's to die for. It's so much nicer than DMC so she let me pick any color I wanted to try out. I'm suppose to try it out and go back and tell her how much I love it. It's made in Spain, and it is really nice and soft. She assured me that it doesn't like to knot up. So now to figure out what to try it out in.

Also since everyone else has been showing off their plants they are growing I took a picture of my green beans and tomatoes. (it's all I've planted so far wanting it to get a bit warmer)

Hope your enjoying your day!