Friday, April 30, 2010

Yay mail!

Don't you just love when you get things in the mail. I finally broke down and ordered a couple patterns online. Don't get me wrong I love shopping online but I really like to see what i'm buying in my hands first.

About a week ago we found out that John's mom has breast cancer. The doctor told her it would be alright. She could manage it with some pills and a little radiation. But in the past week it has gotten worse. Now he says she needs it operated on. So we might be heading back to New York for a couple weeks to be with her. She asked me a couple days ago to stitch her something to help her cope. So I found this pattern and thought it was really pretty.

I have found a couple other patterns i'm probably going to stitch for her too. One being a little pink ribbon pin she can wear.

Also when I ordered I just couldn't pass up a couple of Mill Hill bead & charm kits. I just love doing them! I thought they might make a really cute Christmas ornament or something to hang up during Christmas. Heaven forbid I ever have too much Christmas decorations!

Well off to do laundry today. Hope everyone has a great one!


Cath said...

Lovely kit , hope it makes your MIL feel better . fingers crossed that she has a good recovery .X

Topcho said...

Hope everything will be all right with your mothe in law and that she'll recover fast. The project you chose is really beautiful, I'm sure it will make her feel better and give her strenght.
And the Christmas greetings are so cute too :O)